At Black Bench, our passion lies in regenerative organic farming at our vineyard, where we cultivate grapes to craft high-quality, delicious wines. Nestled in the foothills of the San Gorgonio Mountains, Black Bench is working to become a place that harmoniously preserves nature while crafting each bottle of wine.

About Black Bench

Back in April 2022, Our team planted 7,500 grapes across 8 varieties, and we're thrilled to see them flourishing under our careful attention.

Committed to regenerative organic farming, our vision includes transitioning to dry farming in the future.

While our own grapes mature, we proudly import the finest wines from Europe, ensuring a taste of excellence at Black Bench.

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Our Story
Our journey at Black Bench began in 2008 when, alongside our local community, we successfully halted plans for 1500 homes that threatened the untouched beauty of Black Bench. This triumph ignited a vision of cultivating a space where nature thrives.

Despite numerous obstacles, we neared the planting of our vineyard on the land. However, in 2020 and 2021, wildfires swept through, necessitating a change in plans. Undeterred, we relocated the vineyard to Highland Springs Ranch, adjacent to our sheep field.
We prepared the land for several seasons with covercrops to improve the soil before the grape vines went in. In the spring of 2022, we finally planted 7500 grapevines, including Grenache Noir, Grenache Graham, Mourvèdre, Vermentino, Clairette, Cinsault, Muscat Blanc, and Muscat di Alexandria. These Southern Rhone, French, and Italian varieties were chosen for their suitability to our climate. Thriving in our sunny sites, even during cold, windy winters, we are excited to produce reds, whites, and rosé with our grapes.

Our 16-acre vineyard is watered by a well we dug, located inside the vineyard. Entirely powered by solar, it stands as the largest off-grid well in California. Our eventual goal is dry farming (no water!) so we limit watering and when we do, we do a deep watering to encourage the roots to go deep into the ground!
Around the vineyard, fig and pomegranate trees, along with various native trees, are planted. These trees serve multiple purposes, from providing shade to making wood chips and food for our insects and wildlife. We aspire to create a food forest using agroforestry principles. Embracing regenerative practices, we refrain from tilling and nurture an environment enriched by cover crops.

The future we envision is one where our grapes mature into pure and delicious wine, allowing you to taste the quality in every sip. While we patiently await that day, we're not standing still. In our commitment to sustainability, we actively craft wines with organic grapes sourced from vineyards across Southern California. We also have plans to import high-quality wine from Europe, to support organic farming practices all over the world. Our dedication to preserving the environment and crafting excellence resonates in every bottle.


Wine Tasting Events

Vineyard Tour & Tasting

Join us for an enriching and delicious experience during the festivals at 123 Farm! Explore the scenic beauty of our 8-acre organic vineyard on a guided tour led by Farmer Jonas.

Learn about our regenerative organic farming practices and the exciting future plans for the vineyard. Wrap up your day at our wine bar in the Spanish Courtyard (Casa de las Tapas), where you can unwind and relish your wine. Don't miss out on this unforgettable blend of wine, food, and nature!

May 25 - July 20, 2024
Saturdays, 6:45pm

Price: $50


Free Wine Tour

Join us for a delightful mini winery tour, where you can discover the story behind our grape vines and our vision for the future of Black Bench. Our farmer will tell you about how we planted our vines and also about the grape varieties we cultivate.
Tours available during 123 Farm festivals. See event websites for dates and times.